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Privacy Policy
ONAMIX strongly enforce on the security of keeping members data and information secure and private. And we hope to provide every members that have signed up with us to feel secure and there shall be no disvulge of your privacy in any manner without your prior consent. Members that have signed up us over the web.

The Golden Rules that we will follow to protect Your privacy:
1. We will never sell, reveal your data to third parties, without prior permission.
2. All information have a form of security to protect your information from being retrieved by all forms of net intruders.

Registration is only required when you use certain services from us which will usally aid you in becoming a member or for promotion of your site. For example, you must register to post and reply in the Forum, register to join as a member, url submission or have your site featured in TopNotch Voting System. You would need to complete certain fields like a username, password and email adress etc...

Third-Party Relationships
Some of our partner sites are authorized to use the ONAMIX brand and/or logo. ONAMIX carefully evaluates all parties that are authorised to use our brand and logo.
We also hold Contests from our sponsors and will provide Contestants with information about their relevent product or contest rules to safe guard contestants, judges and the sponsors themselves.
We do not cover third-party sites privacy policies. If you feel that a site using the ONAMIX brand and/or logo misuse our identity or image, please send email via our contact us page.
ONAMIX provides certain user information to third parties in aggregate form in order to facilitate the sale of advertising and the sponsorship of services on the ONAMIX site.

If you have questions about our privacy policy or the practices of this site, please send email via our contact us page.

We hope through our statement you will feel more secure to enjoy visits to our site. Sincerely,
Onamix 2010 - 2018