ARTIKAL: Article Manager

A versatile Article Manager for publishing your content neatly.

Artikal is a versatile Article Manager that let's you neatly create, edit and publish anywhere using a front end interface and your browser. Unlike other content management tools, it let's you do alot more while keeping everything you write in a simple and well organized.

Here are the top 25 features we have listed below.
  1. Mobile Responsive Design (works on phone or tablet)
  2. *Customizable Theme
  3. Search or just click on Update article from a live link.
  4. Exported article data can be imported to another site using a single drag and drop.
  5. WYSIWYG editing (sleek, fast and easy to learn to create and update content)
  6. Shows list of articles in chronological order.
  7. Publishing and unpublishing is just a simple click.
  8. Granular access restrictions to users you designate to use service.
  9. Unlimited article/category creation. (supports nested categories)
  10. Ownership transparency
  11. Shows who is the content owner.
  12. Schedule posts
  13. You set when to publish the content.
  14. Batch functions easily (move, delete, export, update, import)
  15. Quick and Easy drag and drop interface.
  16. Built in statistics (know the popularity of each article and what search words are used)
  17. Supports youtube, html tagging and other content editing tools.
  18. Supports easy media managing of images. (supports CDN)
  19. Provides 2 level Search for greater search details.
  20. Media manager allows setting restrictions to access of files.
  21. Central Image Viewer (Let's target users browse what available images they can use)
  22. Unique upload folders
  23. Each uploaded files are stored in separate user folders for better organizing.
  24. Segregated Article Structure (Supports 2 or more blogs with our on-demand service)
  25. *Can be integrated with other php based CMS systems. E.g. Wordpress, Joomla, vBulletin

Do note that Artikal is a separate service that is not need to be package with our CMS system to use. They can be integral part to fully support advanced development by your developer.

*NOTE: Some services requires add-on customizations.
Availability of each feature listed varies based on package plan.
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