Accounts and Client Service System

Power your business & finance with new efficiently.
Compliment business with better client management by keeping good records.
Reduce overheads in cost, perform quick financial assessment and sales metrics.

Access your financial records, reconcile your accounts and assets management all in one place.
Gain better insights in your business financial forecasts.
Bizware system let's you do it all in a single place.
Top 11 Key Features
  1. Get quick insights into your monthly sales records and expenditures.
  2. Get accounts in suspense easily and update your records in various currencies.
  3. View overview of your PNL(Profit & Loss) based on customized search criteria.
  4. Manage your inventory and track expiry of your client contracts or delivery schedules.
  5. Gain insights into data metrics and sales report.
  6. Access from anywhere, anytime securely.
  7. Get info of your client quickly and check which project is associated with each account.
  8. Multi-level User Access restriction.
  9. Store your product records and make quick calculations on demand.
  10. Improve workflow and productivity with better automated account management.
  11. Built-in organization tool.
Get over 30 key features that will transform your business productivity.
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