Content Management System

10 Great Features of Our CMS

Radically enhance the way content is managed. Leverage on our unique CMS to rapidly create content in a distributable, scalable and structural way.
Validate content, employ security governance with user restriction, content approval workflow and automated backups, improve workflow, manage control access priviledge, search for content and update multiple sites all with one place. A full stack CMS that brings full flexibility over managing your content.

Here are 10 of the key features
  1. Easy Content Editing with Live Preview
  2. Developer Friendly Tools For Coding
  3. Manage Media Files on the Cloud with Drag & Drop
  4. Assign Various Tasks for Users
  5. Real-time Dynamic Theme Changing
  6. Granular Search & Replace Function
  7. One Click Full / Incremental Backup
  8. SEO Tools
  9. Meta Tagging
  10. Cloud Based Solution

Other useful features
  1. Backup content easily with one click function
  2. Import site content using drag and drop
  3. Upload / Download Media files on the fly
  4. Granular Search & Replace Function
  5. Single Sign On

With over a hundred features, our CMS will have you covered in every needs for you.
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