Human Resource Management System

Top 14 Features of Effective Human Resource Management System

Simplifying staff, payroll, time and project management.
Developed with the end user and simplicity in mind, our HRMS aims to create a seamlesss process for HR staff to manage the company staffing.
Light weight and responsive design makes our product possible to use to any pc or mobile device.
A technology that centralize human management and more.
Here are top 14 features of what you can do
  1. Post/Store job candidates resumes
  2. Schedule interviews with prospective candidates
  3. Employees profiling
  4. Company profiling
  5. Location based Check In/Out
  6. Store external vendors data
  7. Salary, Insurance and CPF tools
  8. Employees access management
  9. Employee Timesheets
  10. Recruiting Tools
  11. Leave, Holiday Application
  12. Project Management
  13. Single Sign-On
  14. Customizable Data Reports
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