Web Development

Responsive and mobile friendly web site development

The web is the most pervasive platform to be used by all users to go to.
Having a website presence will provide value-added info to your customer.
Here are some benefits having a website can give.
  1. Provide info about your company to your customers, such as address and map.
  2. Provide a point of contact to your customers.
  3. Provide application service to your customers such as appointment booking.
  4. Provide statistical data about user interests and behaviours.
  5. Provide info, feedback about your company products and promotions to your customer.
  6. Provide searchable data which people can google to find.
  7. Instill branding and loyalty to your customer.
Why Us?
Our pioneers started from the inception of the internet, understanding how the internet and it's semantic, carefully crafting websites for our customers.
Honing our skills to ensure your website is best coded and optimized to serve your customers.
We provide a unique and integral service that forms the holistic formula to reach your ideal site.
  1. Responsive website design.
  2. Search Engine friendly website.
  3. Mobile friendly view.
  4. Latest HTML slicing and CSS.
  5. Latest methodology and tools to build your website.
  6. Best practices and consultation in website building.
  7. Website UI and UX design.
  8. Front-end - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS, SASS
*Website development is PIC claimable.
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